Since 2015 I have had the pleasure to be a regular instructor at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport Maine. I have found teaching the craft of woodworking and furniture making to be an extremely rewarding experience. Seeing the process through the eyes of someone new to the craft reminds me of everything that I found exciting about woodworking when I made my first attempts years ago. I also feel that I learn so much myself both from the students and my fellow instructors. Whenever I have the opportunity to teach, I always return to my own shop reinvigorated and filled with new ideas. In addition to teaching at the CFC, I have given many demonstrations and presentations for the Guild of NH Woodworkers. I am available as an instructor for both institutions and private sessions. I am also available as a demonstrator for woodworking guilds and organizations. Please Contact Me if you would like to discuss a teaching opportunity.

Owain Harris

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